Milkshake Returns! 
Milkshake is a booty-centric dance workout for ALL bodies & ALL booties. Practice and explore intersecting styles of dance including twerk, wine, bounce and yike. You’ll also find hip openers, core strength building, and shaking it every way it feels good. This is a queer/sex positive and body positive class. Teens and adults of all experience levels welcome.
Facilitator – Erika Stanley

Earthquake Preparedness Training introduces personal dance and movement training to navigate shaky times. Discover tools and techniques to expand one’s personal and physical awareness, precision, sensitivity and coordination.
Facilitator – Jacob Mooney

Waking the Primitive Body: An introductory movement research lab exploring wildness and the art of being human
This workshop utilizes techniques of theater, butoh, clown and improvisation to expand your dance, awaken your potency, and inhabit the moment. Develop tools to be more creative and expressive within your own body, in the exploration of radical presence.
Facilitator – Jacob Mooney

T’ai Chi with Patty Winters
Advanced Class: Form corrections for anyone with a solid foundation in Cheng Man-ching’s 37 posture short form. This class includes occasional sensing hands exercises.
Intermediate Class: Form Corrections for those who have completed learning Cheng Man-ching’s 37 posture short form.