Saturday, September 5th 

Doors at 7:30, Show at 8:00, Admission $10 Cash Only

Come join the hilarious LightBox Ensemble for what they do best, LONG FORM IMPROV! Two shows in one month, they plan to attack with a classic Pattern opening into a free thought association interwoven with strategic comedic call backs.  Vignettes will usher in the second half, so come enjoy the ambiance, chemistry and side splitting laughter. LightBox Ensemble is inspired by genuine art everywhere, ta-dub.


Wednesday, September 2  •  8 – 10 pm 

The Western Mystery Tradition: Where musical harmony belongs to the stars and planets, where the religious taboos of hermetic magick are lifted, and where methods of ritual practice are shared with those who would take initiation. This is a world of talismanic musical melodies and secret spiritual technologies that facilitate communication with the astral realms.

Come discover a place where the roads of music and esoteric spirituality converge. This talk will cover the history of music mysticism and its role in the 21st century, including live video demonstrations and opportunities for audience participation. Ezra Sandzer-Bell is the author of Astromusik and Audiomancy. He currently lives in Portland and is actively co-authoring the third book in the Astromusik trilogy.

Admission – $10


Saturday, August 1st, 2015

Hot Improv with The LightBox Ensemble
Doors at 7:30, Show at 8:00
At the LightBox Kulturhaus
2027 NE MLK, Portland Or
Admission $10 Cash OnlyDuos are running rampant this summer so come watch the LightBox Ensemble splinter into multiple micro troupes. Three lighting quick sets each with a unique format. Than the improvisers will  reform for a dramatic organic jam for the second half. Don’t miss this comedic invocation.  Seriously.


Saturday, June 27th 12pm-5pm
Waking the Primitive Body: An introductory movement research lab exploring wildness and the art of being human

This workshop utilizes techniques of theater, butoh, clown and improvisation to expand your dance, awaken your potency, and inhabit the moment. Develop tools to be more creative and expressive within your own body, in the exploration of radical presence.

Register by email or call 503-750-3811
Instructor: Jacob Mooney
$40-$60 sliding scale
Lightbox Kulturhaus 2027 NE MLK Jr Blvd, Portland
Enter through the glass doors, behind Tiny’s Coffee NE