You are cordially invited to participate IN THE FLESH with an experimental performance project this August at the Lightbox Kulturhaus.

Topological Investigations of Movement Dynamics

Bodies of Data: Topological Investigations of Movement Dynamics
August 6th through 9th: 6:00 – 8:00pm.

Over four consecutive days of two-hour meetings, this workshop unites practicing research mathematicians with Portland dancers, to collaboratively explore topological data analysis and its interpretations in movement and physical metaphor.  Topological data analysis — the study of “the shape of data” — aims to understand data and information from the perspectives of topology — identifying the global, robust, holistic patterns and structure of spaces.  Expect to learn some new mathematics (no prerequisites beyond an open and listening mind).  Expect to translate ideas and respond with movement and action, in ordered and disordered activities.  Expect meta-discussions centering awareness on interdisciplinary collaborative practice.  Expect new metaphors and mysteries, and a new language to access them: math vs. art; continuous vs. discrete; map vs. territory; signal vs. noise.  Facilitated by Jacob Mooney and Luke Wolcott, a local mathematician with a PhD in algebraic topology, a YouTube channel full of dorky dance videos, and years of experience collaborating with visual and performance artists on math-art work (see or

Six to nine participants from the Portland movement community are welcome to register (free).  Contact Luke at if interested or with any questions.  The six to nine mathematicians will be drawn from the concurrent annual meeting of the Mathematical Association of America, taking place at the Hilton that week.

The workshop is ungoal-oriented, however, the last hour on Saturday night will be opened to the public ($10) for witnessing, followed by music and uniformly convergent instability. We hope that your are free to attend in whatever capacity strikes your fancy.

FruitSaladPDX_combo Fruit Salad Full Moon Dance Party! Forget Portland Club Culture. Bring your badass self and save your $$$ from the bars. Summer broke in half! So come hang out with some cool cats and groovy tunes this Friday, July 11th at sundown. Location TBD. Meet at Lightbox Kulturhaus at 7pm with picnic items to share for pre party and crew-up.  Free Event!!! Bring yer peeps! Posse up!


Saturday, June 28th & Sunday, June 29th
11am – 4pm each day
Tuition: $90-$125 sliding scale

This workshop utilizes techniques of theater, butoh, clown, and improvisation to expand your dance, awaken your potency, and inhabit the moment. Develop tools to be more creative and expressive within your own body, in the exploration of radical presence.

• If you are a performer who desires to connect more authentically with your audience, this work is especially potent. 
• If you are a dancer or actor who desires to expand your toolbox of physical expression, this work is helpful too.
• If you are a person who desires to explore more of your unique creativity centered in the body, this work invites your participation.

Facilitator: Jacob Mooney
Registration is required – Call 503-750-3811 or email


For folks who missed Friday evening’s Art Salon Happening, please join us for an Open House: Wednesday, June 11th, from 6:30 – 10pm.

View the paintings, meet the artist and enjoy the comforts of being inside the Lightbox.


Please Come Experience The Zest Of Life With LIGHTBOX KULTURHAUS In June!
Lightbox Kulturhaus And We, The Hallowed Presents The First Of Our Summer Salon Series Featuring; new artwork by Theodore Holdt, performances by The Sacred Selves, Tanzspiel Kollektiv and Improv Jazz group Sayyazz 

June 6 at 7pm. Performances began at 8pm FREE EVENT
2027 NE MLK Jr Blvd, Portland, Oregon 97212