WORKSHOP: Saturday, January 31st, 11:30am – 4:30pm

Want to unlock your inner badass? Have you been talking about finding new ways to move? Here’s a great chance to stop talking and start doing.

Learn to expand your dance using techniques of theater, butoh, clown, and improvisation. This work will provide a toolbox for dynamic self expression and offers a powerful way to recognize and shift old patterns, unlocking new creativity.
$40 – $60 sliding scale for 5 hours including BYO lunch break.

Register by email.PersonalDance_Jan2015

Friday, January 30th – Doors at 7:30pm, Screening at 8pm
BFly Films Presents Two Silent Comedy Shorts

Join us for a special advance screening of the first two episodes of Nikola’s Nickelodeon with Q&A with film producers Philip Van Scotter and Abbey Pleviak.  We’re delighted to unveil our new cinematic adventure made possible by a generous grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council, and hope you can join us!
Admission $15, Click here for Pre-sale tickets (recommended).
NN JAN 30 tix-16mm

BFly Films –a local indie film company specializing in silent comedy movies– delight in presenting to you the first two episodes of our latest cinematic adventure, Nikola’s Nickelodeon.

Inspired by the visionary inventor Nikola Tesla and his most famous rival, Thomas Edison, our story takes us to the beginning of the motion film phenomenon.  Join us for this whimsical tale shot on super 16mm film right here in Portland, OR.

Maiden Voyage” reveals Tesla’s newest invention, the first ever radio-controlled device!  It also reveals Thomas Edison’s determined damsel spy, Lulu Pommepourrie; a Parfait French troubadour on a disastrous date with an Irish schoolteacher; and two brave young lads enjoying a day on the riverside!

Trick Nickel” unveils the Phantoscope –Thomas Edison’s latest innovation on his movie machine.  This hybridized abomination, created from Nikola Tesla’s stolen Thought Visualizer plans, has trapped the performers in a remote dimension.  A trickster with a trick nickel discovers the trap, but can she trip it?

Marc Otto as Nikola Tesla
Abbey Pleviak as Edison’s spy Lulu Pommepourrie

And also featuring, Vaudevillians:
Noah Mickens, NagaSita, Tommy Twimble, Leapin’ Louie Lichtenstein, Brittany Walsh

Jacob Mooney, Alléne Hébert, Dan Miller, Jon and Karen Farley, Matthew Fielder, Afton and River Dean, Kelly Nesbitt, and Philip Van Scotter
Cinematography by: Patrick Selvage, Malek Haneen, and Eric Giles Oak
A film by Philip Van Scotter and Bfly Films

Created through the generous support of

Friday + Saturday, January 9th + 10th, at 7:30pm
Sunday, January 11th – 2pm matinee for kids of all ages


Three Hands Clapping: Tales of the Strange and Forgotten
performances by Jacob and Jim Mooney

Admission$15-$20, sliding scale
Pre-sale tickets recommended:  Brown Paper Tickets – Three Hands Clapping

Two hands are two voices—one speaking and the other voiceless—trying to unite the earth and the sky, the physical and the ethereal, what is seen and what cannot be seen. There is always that tension between what can be known and what can only be sensed—behind the senses.
Join us Friday or Saturday evening for adults only, or Sunday matinee for children (and their grown children companions). The children’s matinee will explore an imaginary fairy forest and the questioning of who we are, where we are, and when can we dance?

Friday, December 5th, 2014
6pm – 10pm, Free and open to public

Thomas.ShocardHoly Shit: on the road art show

New paintings and sculptural work by Thomas Christopher Haag
at Lightbox Kulturhaus – 2027 NE MLK JR Blvd, Portland, OR 97212
enter through glass doors behind Tiny’s Coffee

Join us for the closing reception of this incredible exhibit of paintings and assemblage. Thomas will be showing new paintings (some of which he finished last month in his amazing magical temporary Portland garage studio) and a found object installation that makes you feel like you’re getting away with something in church. Spread the word and bring mischievous friends.